Zajc wines is the story of joie de vivre. Life as love, health, joy, friendship, socializing. Seize it!


Our story dates back to 1858.

Our story dates back to 1858 when the family acquired their oldest vineyard in Cirnik above the castle of Mokrice – there is evidence of land registration. It is known that the family owned an even older possession in Gadno until the end of the 19th century but no written evidence has been found about it – yet ;)

Family tradition

In 1970 Ivana Curhalek and Božidar Zajc got married and with their marriage family Zajc took over the activity of both winemaking families.

When Slovenia became economically independent in 1990, the activity was taken over by family company. Sporti d. o. o. which invested in renovation and expansion of the vineyards, outbuildings and modern equipment immediately.

Zajc today

Zajc wines is considered quality and renowned winemaker sold under the label Zajc.

The cellar is now led by sons Božidar junior and Marko with great coworkers. Parents Ivana and Božidar senior still make important contributions to key projects and guidelines, and a new generation is already on the horizon.



Family Zajc Estate

“A winemaker's job is to enable the vine to tell its story through its wine.”



Family Zajc Estate

“Wine is not the essence. Its mission is to be a nice companion to people and to bring out the best in them.” Marko Zajc

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