Our wines

Modri Zajc

Modri Zajc is wine made from over-ripe grapes of indigenous Blaufränkisch grown only in our own vineyards. Blaufränkisch is wine of the future. It has the highest rate of resveratrol of all wines.


Cviček Zajc is unique and famous Slovenian wine, made from specific red and white vine varieties which are grown in a specifically determined area in the Dolenjska region.


Explosion of fruit flavours. It prides itself with nice freshness, drinkability and deep purple colour. Blaufränkisch is wine of the future. It has the highest rate of resveratrol of all wines.

Yellow muscat

The sweetness and magical scent of muscat create the atmosphere of hot Persian nights. The true winner becomes strongly cooled with dewdrops … It is a truly unique and refreshing muscat.

Beli Zajc

Like a poem it combines welschriesling, yellow muscat and royal white. Never trapped in an oak barrel, it prides itself with lightness of fruits put upon an elder blossom. It is created for those who seek fruit flavours in fresh white wines.

Cviček Bio

Cviček is a Slovenian and world speciality. Produced according to the guidelines of organic production, it is a speciality in the Dolenjska region as well.


In the game of contrasts between red and white, old and young Rosé Zajc was made from the grapes of the oldest indigenous Slovenian variety. It is ideal on a sunny day.

Muscat & riesling sparkling wine

Majestic dance of welschriesling as a breeze of spring flowers with elegant muscat aroma of brisk freshness. As if floating, they help you fulfil great expectations.

Rose sparkling wine

Slovenian tradition of Blaufränkisch strung on a necklace of sparkling wit. Energy of youth is caught in the braid of pearls symbolising the lightness of the not yet opened berry blossoms.

Blaufränkisch sparkling wine

Traditional varieties, grown in the Posavje region, came to the crafty hands of a winemaker who created something more. Freedom of expressing was given to the sparkling wine with brisk tiny bubbles that gently play with taste buds.

Where Zajc wines are born

Across the Gorjanci bordering Bela krajina, along the Krka river all the way to its outflow into the Sava river the hilly Dolenjska continues across the Sava river towards Sremič and Bizeljsko area. This is where family Zajc make wines full of life.


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