Vineyard and cellar

Zajc wines is the story of joie de vivre. Life as love, health, joy, friendship, socializing. Seize it!

Dolenjska & Posavje

The large area of South-eastern Slovenia gets its picturesque image by wine-growing hills, churches, castles and covenants, mighty forests and gentle beech forests.

The Dolenjska region holds hand with Bela krajina across pictureque Gorjanci hills and with wine-growing areas of Bizeljsko and Sremič. Posavje is a land of numerous possibilites of taking a break, explorations and joys along the path of heritage and on the wine roads.

Our vineyards

As long as we can remember, we've been accompanied by work in the vineyards and the wine cellar as well as pride of our products

in the best areas (Cirnik, Knežija, Ivandol, Sromlje, Silovec) where vines are maintained manually.

Wine cellar

The achievements in the area of viticulture and wine-making of modern times are rooted in the tradition of natural conditions and the messages of our ancestors.

Modern wine cellar Zajc also grew on solid ground of the tradition. By investing into development and using the most modern technologies of wine-making we take care that life is seized and seen in its best image in a glass of Zajc wine.

Delivery of a »Wine Box«?

Call us and let yourself be pampered with a precious drop from our cellar!